Locations 29
Employees 1.200
Number of stays/year 2,17 Mio.
Number of beds 9.719

With 29 hotels in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia, the Austria Trend Hotels are among the leading hotel chains in Austria.

Wolfgang Zukrigl has been working in the head office for 13 years and, as Operations Manager, he contributes significantly to the success of the company. Success does not only mean the achievement of key performance indicators, but also the adherence to high quality standards, effective complaint management and well-trained employees. In order to make this possible and to keep track of over 9700 beds at various locations, Wolfgang Zukrigl has for years been relying on the support of FoodNotify.

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What are you responsible for in Austria Trend Hotel?

Operations. That is, to put it simply, everything but sales.

With more than 2 million overnight stays a year: what are the hurdles in your daily business?

The biggest hurdle is certainly the training of our employees. One of my main responsibilities is to make sure people are up to our standards and know about them. Due to the high fluctuation in the hotel industry this is a constant process. Employees are the first touch point of the customer, they have to be friendly, help the guests, solve issues for them and to make the stay of our guests pleasant that they book again. Of course, we have a few “helper”, which should life easier in the daily dealing with our guests. In the end, it also depends a lot on the respective personality. One has a little better feeling, the other less.

How is success measured in Austria Trend Hotels?

On the one hand, the economic indicators, anyway, no surprise. On the other hand, we have a strong focus on valuation platforms. We pay a lot of attention to what happens in which hotel, which reviews are entered and how they are answered. This is crucial for future bookings. I mean, yes, it is subjectively for everyone, what you like, or not. But you can also read out important things. For example, if the 17th entry is a posting with the content “The coffee does not taste so good”, we have a clear information and should take it seriously and respond. If we get reviews that employees are unfriendly, I am also alert and handle that with the respective importance. These are things where we have direct influence.

What is Austria Trend Hotels doing on the topic of digitalization?

At the moment, we are doing the complete accounting and we are starting to roll it out to the hotels. But it will go further. A paperless hotel is a clear target for us. There are still a few challenges – in Vienna, for example, there is still this paper slip, which has to be filled in, our authorities are not there yet – but I am very convinced that we will become paperless in the future.

Why did you decide to work with FoodNotify?

We started with the allergen labeling because it is mandatory by law and we wanted that our guests are informed about allergens in our food and drinks offering. That is why we started with FoodNotify. The collaboration became intensive and we decided to further work together with FoodNotify, as they are very flexible in contrast to big companies, where product requests could take months. FoodNotify’s support team responds fast and adaptions are implemented quickly.

How does FoodNotify support Austria Trend Hotels in their daily work?

The order process of all Austria Trend hotels in Austria is now digitalized with FoodNotify. We do our orders from a variety of suppliers through the FoodNotify system. This is unique and saves us a lot of time. For us this is a significant simplification. No more fax, no extra e-mails, no orders by telephone. Especially when ordering by phone, it often happens that employees ask themselves “Did I order, I did not order?”. But now we have FoodNotify, a system where all suppliers are maintained, where we have a good overview of all orders broken down by hotel, supplier etc. For the administration this is a big step forward.
With FoodNotify we are in control and with a purchasing volume of several millions it is important to keep the overview.

How do you order from 29 different locations?

In the headquarter here in Vienna, our purchasing department defines the suppliers, the products and negotiates the contracts. Within the defined product range, the individual hotels can order. In many hotels, the orders are still “old-school”, for example, write an email or fax. I only think of the suppliers we see every day. The baker, for example, where the orders are nearly the same only the quantity changes sometimes. With FoodNotify we simply take the last order, change the quantity by one click and send it off. The time required is a lot less and we have no telephone costs (laughs).

How was the transition to the digital platform FoodNotify?

In our test hotels the transition worked perfectly.

When you think about the hospitality industry in 100 years, what do you imagine?

That is a hard question, but a utopia scenario could be: If we look at the rapid speed at which the technology is developing, who knows, maybe there will be no catering anymore – I have no idea …

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