It is said that talking brings people together. Presumably this applies for dinner as well. The idea for FoodNotfy was born in a convivial gathering – somewhere between a juicy steak with mushroom sauce, a delicious crème brûlée for dessert and a most excellent glass of wine.
In this case it was Mirza, Adnan, Christina and Thomas around the table. We all have a passion for good food, however restauranteurs have an important place for us in our hearts. This is why we decided to develop our service for conscious, healthy and safe food – creating a clear, structured and legally conforming allergen labelling system for your restaurant.

Die Gründer


Thomas Primus



Christina Primus



Mirza Muharemagić



Adnan Hanić

UX/UI Designer

Das Team


Claudia Schlager

Content Manager


Daniel Kostadinov

Marketing Manager


Sonja Poet

Graphic Designer


Ulli Müller

Sales Manager


René Wentzel



Rainer Felsner

Sales Manager


Katharina Hanakamp

Office Manager



Jürgen Habichler

Investor / Sparring-Partner