FoodNotify Business App

The useful sidekick for your daily business – the app for restaurateurs, chefs und F&B managers.

Record foods fast and easy and be informed about ingredients, contents and nutrition facts of your products. With connected suppliers you also receive the current price for the products and you can order foods as well directly from your wholesaler. Every department and user of your organization can work together. The user rights are managed from the administrator so access is strictly limited.

The functionality of the app in detail:

  • Free barcode scanner
  • Database with more than 500k food products
  • Information of ingredients, contents, allergens and nutrition facts
  • Easily comply with the EU allergen law
  • No need to print the product sheet
  • Offline mode (it works without internet connection)
  • Manage your order sheets
  • Manage multiple users
  • Possibility to order directly from your supplier
  • Fast-order possibility – forget about pen and paper

Overview of the user interface:

Convince yourself from the benefits of the FoodNotify Business App. Available for iOS, Android und Windows Phones: