Central management for maximum efficiency

Optimize work processes and benefit from synergies

Keeping track is hard enough with only one catering business. If you have several branches to manage, it can be a real challenge. The risk of loss due to friction and inefficiency is even higher if you also have lots of employees with different levels of training involved in various work processes and procedures. This challenge can be easily overcome with FoodNotify, because the sophisticated recipe management tool allows you to standardize recipes, define preparation steps and assign individualized user accounts. This enables you to optimize your work processes, exploit synergies and have all the data you need to keep your branches up to date at all times. And what’s more, it’s available in several languages!

Keep your independence thanks to our supplier network

Use a single platform to order everything you need and control purchasing at all your branches

In addition to the centralized recipe management tool, the FoodNotify independent goods ordering platform is an effective instrument for all system caterers. The platform allows you to be independent of individual suppliers and place orders with multiple suppliers via a central system. This helps you keep track of all your orders without having to write everything down or maintain labor-intensive communication channels with the individual suppliers. You can also use the platform to determine which branches can order from which suppliers.

Fit for the future with digital controlling

The integrated solution for operational cost and franchise controlling

Digital controlling has become indispensable in many of today’s industries. For good reason – because the data and findings made available by means of digital controlling are a reliable source and basis of decision-making for the development of corporate strategies. Digital controlling also ensures economic success in catering, especially system catering. With FoodNotify you have a powerful digital controlling tool at your disposal, which not only supplies all the data on your cost structure at all times, but also automatically gives you an overview of your branches’ and managers’ activities.

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