Make the most out of your goods investments

Despite strict budgets with our cost of goods and contribution margin calculator

If you work in general catering or care and community catering, you frequently face the challenge of having to create a varied menu at low per diem rates. You must always keep an eye on the cost of the food in order to stay within your budget. This becomes especially difficult when your suppliers adjust their prices or your menu sequences deviate from the standard fare.

With the FoodNotify cost of goods and contribution margin calculator, you can calculate the cost of goods for your dishes with just one click, and thus stay within your weekly, monthly or quarterly budget while still being able to offer attractive menu sequences. Mater data is updated automatically, enabling you to identify price adjustments immediately and react at an early stage.

Convenient recipe and menu planning

Reusable recipe modules lighten your workload

Once all your recipes have been digitally recorded in the FoodNotify recipe management tool, planning your menu is a piece of cake. As all allergens, nutritional values, additives and food certifications are automatically displayed in your recipe management tool, you can easily cater to a wide range of specifications when planning your menus. Planning menus for specific dietary requirements poses no problems; neither does creating a selection of courses for people with allergies, intolerances and special dietary habits.

Because each of your recipes in the recipe management tool functions as a building block in a modular system, you can compose a variety of menu sequences with just a few clicks. You can also test them for a range of different aspects and, in a final step, calculate costs and order goods with just one click. This makes planning safe, fast and flexible.

Not just simple, but safe as well

With FoodNotify, you will automatically meet all the compliance requirements

Requirements must be strictly complied with, especially in care and communal catering. This can be both tedious and time-consuming. Not with FoodNotify! Thanks to the automatic connection to your suppliers, who keep the master data for your ingredients up to date, FoodNotify always knows exactly what is inside every recipe ingredient: not only allergens, nutritional values, additives, origins, but quality seals and organic certificates as well. This information is then automatically displayed in your menu plan. If you print out your meal sequence as a menu or display it on your screens, the information is automatically transmitted to these as well. This not only creates greater transparency for your customers, but also ensures that you are on the safe side with no need to worry about FIC labelling and compliance.

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