Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

We update our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on a regular basis. If you have an active FoodNotify subscription, we will notify you about any updates via on-screen dialog, in-app notification, or email.

Our terms of use for entrepreneurs and business customers represent a legally binding contract between you (the customer) and us (FoodNotify GmbH). It describes the services we provide for you, our cooperation and other aspects of our business relationship. The contract consists of the following documents: Terms and conditions and data protection guidelines.

These are legally binding documents. Some of the wording is taken from legal terminology. We have undertaken every effort to make the text as understandable as possible for you. These conditions are very important and require your consent in order to provide you with our online platform and services. By using the subscription service, making use of the consulting services or concluding a separate contract, you agree to these conditions.

We update our terms and conditions and data protection guidelines regularly. If you have an active FoodNotify subscription, we will notify you of any updates via screen dialogue or in-app notification or e-mail.

Last update: August 2020

Click the links to view the documents in PDF format (German language):

Terms and conditions for Austrian customers and all other customers (August 2020)
Data protection guidelines (February 2019)