Developed for boundless growth

Easily manage, label, and calculate your recipes for multiple locations. Turn them into eye-catching menus and weekly cards and delight your guests.

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Central system

Manage your recipes easily and digitally. Thanks to standardized processes and preparation steps, you can rely on the same high quality of your recipes for all locations.

Auto­matic calculation

The connection to the Procurement module allows you to automatically receive updated cost of goods for your recipes. If they exceed your limits, you will be alerted via notification.

From allergens to CO2

Every recipe you create automatically contains up-to-date product data: from prices, to quantities, to FIC labeling. Sustainability isn’t left out either: The carbon emissions of your recipes are calculated automatically.

Delight your guests

Create beautifully designed menus and weekly menus from your recipes. The prices and necessary FIC data are automatically added from your recipe database.


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How we enhance recipes for industry leaders

The Concept Family relies on FoodNotify to optimize recipe management and establish standards across all facilities. They can now create recipes faster and easier while benefiting from consistent information.


FoodNotify at your fingertips

With the FoodNotify App, you can conveniently order, take inventory, and check stock levels from anywhere. This way you can keep track of your business no matter where you are.

Experience the Recipe module in action

In a free demo our team will guide you through our recipe management solution and show you how your business can benefit from its features.

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What makes FoodNotify different from other recipe management systems?

Data quality

With the connection to the Procurement module, you always receive up-to-date data on the products your order, such as FIC, nutritional values, prices and more.


Developed for the special requirements of the hospitality industry, our recipe management solution includes numerous features: Order directly from the recipe, specify production losses, translate recipes, specify preparation steps with pictures, and many more.


With FoodNotify you keep track of all the cost of goods in your recipes. If the number changes, you will be alerted in time via notification.


In the Recipes module you get information about the carbon footprint of individual products of your recipes.


Frequently asked questions

How can I create a recipe?

In FoodNotify you create all your recipes easily and conveniently. Numerous features are available so that you can keep track of everything: add photos and short descriptions, specify preparation steps, tag and assign recipes to groups and many more. Also, each recipe is automatically labeled with FIC data and cost of goods sold.

Where and how does the product data come into the system?

FoodNotify fetches all data directly from your connected suppliers including exact information such as allergens, nutritional values, prices and more. This allows us to provide the highest quality data without any effort.

Which modules are recommended for ideal use?

To get the most out of your business with the Recipes module, we recommend using the following modules:

  • Procurement
  • ERP

Let's get started together

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