May we introduce ourselves?

Learn why we do what we do, what our goals are, and get a glimpse into the history of our company.


Bringing transparency into the hospitality industry

Since the beginning of FoodNotify in 2014, one thing has always been clear to us: We want to support hospitality businesses in their digital transformation from the field to the plate.

Because we think everyone should have a choice about whether they want to know more about where the food on their plate comes from. That’s why we say: We serve the foodprint of your dish.

Our mission at FoodNotify

How we achieve our goal

Thanks to years of experience, we know what special challenges restaurateurs have to take on. The focus is on four essential needs: satisfied guests, a well-coordinated team, excellent meals and drinks, and a high turnover. Find out how we can help you achieve these goals.


We are proud to be able to draw on many years of experience in the industry. As a result, we are familiar with the challenges of the hospitality industry and can share our knowledge with you.


A clean and reliable database forms the basis for transparency in all areas of your business. We provide you with unique data quality that you can rely on.


Together we tackle the digitalization project in your company and provide you with complete support. You can count on us as your digitalization partner.

We don't only want to be your software, but also
your digitalization partner

We found a digitalization partner in FoodNotify, who carries out the onboarding process with us, which therefore leads the project to success.

The team of FoodNotify is always there to address my questions or concerns.


We grow when you grow

Join us for a look at the most important milestones in FoodNotify's history and discover why we want to drive transparency and digitalization in the hospitality industry.


The story of FoodNotify begins. The founders Thomas, Christina, Adnan and Mirza want to draw attention to the lack of food transparency in the hospitality industry.


We are taking the first step towards transparency with our recipe management for the hospitality industry. The labeling of allergens, nutritional values and additives no longer represents a major effort for hospitality businesses.


Our ordering platform is launched, which meets the needs of restaurateurs and suppliers alike.


We are continuing to drive transparency and digitalization in the hospitality industry and are developing our ERP system.


Not only is interest in FoodNotify growing, but so is our team. A community of product development, programming, customer service, sales and marketing grows together. We moved to our current office in the second district of Vienna, Austria.


We are expanding our product range with a catering and analytics module designed for the specific challenges of the industry.


Our journey is not over yet. For the future, we see a focus on sustainability, which is why we are looking closely at how we can incorporate this into our business.


Join the revolution of the hospitality industry