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First things first

We know that implementing digitalization projects in companies is a big investment. To keep your risk low, start with a pilot operation. After a successful testing phase, you can connect additional locations. Our customers appreciate this approach, as it allows them to optimize their processes in the individual locations step by step.

Pilot phase of FoodNotify implementation


Ensuring a smooth start

For a simplified onboarding process, we created a project guide that walks you through the implementation step by step. This allows you to get started even if not all stages have been set up yet. Our team will guide you through it from the start, providing assistance and support.


Your entire team will love FoodNotify

FoodNotify, unlike other systems, offers a modern and intuitive user interface. The system is self-explanatory and easy to use.

FoodNotify's flexibility in carrying out a pilot project with us in multiple phases has been a great help in transitioning to a digital tool.

I'm glad I chose FoodNotify because, in the end, this step-by-step implementation makes our lives easier all the time. And that is essential for me.


What makes FoodNotify different from other platforms?

Ease of use
Ease of use

When we designed FoodNotify, it was clear to us from the beginning: it should be fun for users to work with. Our customers love FoodNotify because the system is intuitive, modern and, above all, easy to use.

Unique data quality
Unique data quality

The quality of the data makes all the difference. That's why we get all product data directly from the supplier into our system – including prices, FIC data, packaging sizes and more. You can rely on high-quality data that is always up to date thanks to constant data exchange.

Total independence

FoodNotify is a completely independent system and we appreciate the freedom we can give you. No supplier or partner is preferred. The choice is entirely yours.

Jahrelange Erfahrung
Digital know-how

We are proud to name ourselves one of the pioneers when it comes to digitalization in the hospitality industry. Together with our customers, we have developed a system that is made for the special requirements of the hospitality industry.


Let's get started together

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Frequently asked questions

What is included in the onboarding?

Our onboarding focuses on successfully implementing your desired FoodNotify modules into your business. Our team guides you through the process with assistance as well as support and helps you in connecting your suppliers. In this way, we guarantee the best possible implementation of your project.

What does the implementation of FoodNotify look like?

To guarantee the best implementation of your project, our team approaches the implementation with you in several stages. This ensures a convenient and clear process. We will support you from the very beginning and guide you throughout the process.

How long does it take to set up FoodNotify?

Depending on the requirements, the time to set up FoodNotify can vary. Our team therefore recommends that you allow some lead time for implementation and testing. Of course, thanks to the step-by-step implementation, you can already use the module of stage 1 while stage 2 is still being set up.

How are the prices calculated?

Every hospitality business is different. That’s why our prices are customized to what you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small company. The most important thing for us is to offer a fair price for every type of business, so that we can drive digitalization forward. That's why we design our prices based on your future savings. This way, your savings always remain higher than your investment.

Is my data secure?

Data security is very important to us. That's why we at FoodNotify meet the highest requirements for data security and data protection. All data is protected by 256 bit encryption, just like online banking.