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The F&B Management Platform for all your locations

Our solution for the food service and hospitality industry makes it easier than ever to manage orders, recipes, and inventory – all in one place.

  • Gain control

  • Easy to use

  • Fight Food Waste

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Get a clear view

Through standardized processes, you ensure optimization across locations, maintain control and save costs on an ongoing basis.


Your team will love it

FoodNotify is easy to learn and use. Your team will save time and tedious tasks at the same time.


Fight food waste

Reduce your food waste by ordering only what you need and storing and processing goods properly. With our app, you can track food waste in real time and gain insight into valuable data.

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How we support our customers


The Peter Pane burger grill ensures customer satisfaction with its creations in the 47 locations in Germany and Austria.


The ordering process presented a particular challenge, as it involved an enormous amount of manual work.


Now Peter Pane uses the FoodNotify Procurement module and App to regain more control in purchasing.

Austria Trend Hotels


With 29 properties in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia, Austria Trend Hotels is one of Austria's leading hotel chains.


With a purchasing volume of several million, it was important for the hotel chain to maintain an overview.


Thanks to the FoodNotify Ordering Platform, the company can order from all its suppliers on one single platform.

Enchilada Gruppe


With over 70 locations, Enchilada Gruppe is one of the largest hospitality companies in Germany and offers numerous culinary concepts.


The company wanted to optimize the processes regarding recipe management and to set standards for all operations.


Enchilada Gruppe can now create recipes more quickly and easily and benefits from standardized recipe information for each location.

Rauschenberger Logo


The Rauschenberger gastronomy group is one of the leading German companies in the event catering industry.


The company needed a tool to efficiently manage its roughly 1000 events a year.


Rauschenberger Eventcatering optimized all processes with FoodNotify Catering.

FoodNotify's flexibility in carrying out a pilot project with us in multiple phases has been a great help in transitioning to a digital tool.


Trusted by 400+ companies

Our team can place their orders much faster with FoodNotify. They no longer have to order through multiple channels because everything is in one system.

FoodNotify enables us a fast and excellent stocktaking. We spare a lot of paper and nerves. Transfer and counting errors are also minimized, which saves us time.


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