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FoodNotify supports gastronomy, hotel and catering businesses in the digitalization of their processes. With smart solutions in the areas of ordering, recipes and inventory management, this platform offers an overview and control for your business.


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Reduce Costs

Regain a clear view of your company

Managing hospitality businesses isn't always that easy. With digital systems, we support you in optimizing your processes. You immediately recognize challenging situations and can take timely action to regain more control and overview of your business.

This ensures that you not only get your company back on track, but you also save yourself costs on an ongoing basis. For you to know exactly what potential your business has, we have developed a savings calculator.


Digitalisierung in der Gastronomie

Driving digitalization forward together

We know that digitalizing companies is a major project. That's why we support you from the beginning and guide you throughout the process. With FoodNotify you gain a digital partner, as we carry out the project in your business with you in several stages, which makes for an easy process. Contact our team to learn about the possibilities of digitalizing your business.

Für Ihr Team

Your team will love it

When we designed FoodNotify, it was clear to us from the beginning: The system had to be easy to use, modern and intuitive. It should be fun for the users to work with. And that's exactly what we have achieved, given the feedback of our customers. They are convinced by the fresh, innovative and user-friendly design:

"The great thing about FoodNotify is that its design is so simple and no big explanation is needed for the team."

- Davide Giglio, Managing Director Piccola

Transparenz und Nachhaltigkeit

Bringing transparency and sustainability together

Our goal is clear: We create transparency in the hospitality industry and want to support businesses in their digital transformation from the field to the plate. To make this transparency accessible for both guests and restaurateurs, we have included sustainability as a key component in our system. This allows FoodNotify customers to significantly reduce food waste in their operations. For the future we're also working on expanding our sustainable goal. Because we think everyone should decide for themselves if they want to know more about the food on their plate. That's why we say: We serve the foodprint of your dish.


Our solutions at a glance

FoodNotify Bestellplattform

Ordering Platform

Order from all your suppliers on one platform and gain an overview.


Recipe Management

Recipe Management

Create your recipes including calculation, FIC and CO2 data and turn them into menus.




With real-time inventory management and digital inventory, you can shed light on your warehouse and simplify your controlling.


FoodNotify Catering


Manage your events in one place with all specific data: From personnel, to equipment, to cost calculation.


FoodNotify Gastro-Analytics


Get customized KPIs, evaluations and reports in real time to identify optimization opportunities.


FoodNotify Erweiterungen


Connect FoodNotify with third-party systems to further optimize your processes and make them more efficient.


1.3 billion tons

That's how much food ends up in the trash worldwide every year. Let's fight food waste together – for less waste in your business and a more sustainable future!


How we support our customers through digitalization

Peter Pane


The Peter Pane burger grill ensures customer satisfaction with its creations in the 47 locations in Germany and Austria.


The ordering process presented a particular challenge, as it involved an enormous amount of manual work.


Now Peter Pane uses the FoodNotify ordering platform and app to regain more control in purchasing.

Austria Trend Hotels


With 29 properties in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia, Austria Trend Hotels is one of Austria's leading hotel chains.


With a purchasing volume of several million, it was important for the hotel chain to maintain an overview.


Thanks to the FoodNotify ordering platform, the company can order from all its suppliers on one single platform.

Road Stop


The Road Stop restaurant and motel chain offers its guests a little trip to the USA at its five locations in Germany.


The company was looking for a way to simplify its complex processes as well as to create transparency.


FoodNotify supports the company with a clean and reliable database for simpler processes throughout the business.

Rauschenberger Eventcatering


The Rauschenberger gastronomy group is one of the leading German companies in the event catering industry.


The company needed a tool to efficiently manage its roughly 1000 events a year.


Rauschenberger has optimized all processes with the FoodNotify catering software.


Solutions trusted by 400+ companies

Get to know the businesses from a wide range of industries that we support in their digital transformation.

What I like about FoodNotify is that there's permanent development, and innovative changes are often introduced. I can tell that there is a strategy behind it and that a team is coming together to work on product improvements.

FoodNotify's flexibility in carrying out a pilot project with us in multiple phases has been a great help in transitioning to a digital tool.

FoodNotify, unlike other systems, offers a modern and intuitive user interface that anyone can use with a smartphone or tablet.

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