One platform for all your orders

Cut down on cost of goods sold through controlled and streamlined ordering.

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One platform

Your ordering process is now a lot easier. All your regional suppliers and wholesalers are directly connected and you can order your products on one platform.

Every­thing in sight

You can see all orders at a glance and gain an overview of your ordering process. Connecting it with your POS system creates transparency from ordering to sales.

Greater control

Order only what you really need. Assortment restrictions allow you to standardize the ordering process for all your operations and therefore avoid errors.

Reduce food waste

Overview and transparency ensure that you can immediately see which products you need to order. This allows you to reduce food waste, avoid ordering too much and prevent empty shelves in the warehouse.

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Turning challenges into success

Peter Pane was looking for a smart solution to simplify their manual ordering processes. Using the FoodNotify app, Peter Pane now orders out-of-stock items directly from the warehouse, saving time and increasing efficiency.


FoodNotify at your fingertips

With the FoodNotify App, you can conveniently order, take inventory, and check stock levels from anywhere. This way you can keep track of your business no matter where you are.

Experience the Procurement module in action

In a free demo our team will guide you through our ordering solution and show you how your business can benefit from its features.

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What makes FoodNotify different from other ordering platforms?

Data quality

We know that the quality of the data makes all the difference. That's why we collect all product data directly from the suppliers, including prices, FIC data, packaging sizes and more.


FoodNotify is a completely independent system and we appreciate the freedom we can give to you. No supplier or partner is preferred. The choice is completely up to you.

Ease of use

Clear, modern and easy to learn: that's what procurement with FoodNotify is all about. Your team will love working with it.

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FoodNotify can be connected to your POS or inventory management system. This gives you even more overview and control over your ordering process.


Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?

Ordering has never been easier. On our platform you have an overview of all your suppliers and wholesalers. To place an order, you select the desired suppliers and add your favorite products to the shopping cart. You see the prices that you have agreed on with your suppliers. In the shopping cart you can check everything and then submit the order. The products will be delivered exactly on the days specified by your suppliers or wholesalers.

In FoodNotify, you also have an overview of all your orders in your personal order history. You can see which employee has ordered what and can quickly and conveniently add products from previous orders to the shopping cart and reorder them.

You can also rely on the same convenience for your orders with the FoodNotify App. Use it on your smartphone or tablet to order easily and conveniently from your suppliers.

Which suppliers are connected to FoodNotify?

No matter if regional or wholesalers – with FoodNotify all suppliers can be connected.

For example, these suppliers are already connected to FoodNotify:

  • Metro
  • TransGourmet
  • Chefs Culinar
  • Igefa
  • Bunzl
  • and many more

Where and how does the product data get into the system?

FoodNotify fetches all data directly from your connected suppliers including exact information such as allergens, nutritional values, prices and more. This allows us to provide the highest quality data without any effort.

Which modules are recommended for ideal use?

To get the best out of your business with the Procurement module, we recommend using the following modules:

  • Recipes
  • ERP

Let's get started together

Contact our team and see what FoodNotify can do for you. We would like to show you the possibilities FoodNotify's solutions offer for your business in a free demo.