Stock up on transparency and control

Smart inventory management and digital stocktaking make your multi-location controlling easier than ever.

FoodNotify ERP

Full transparencyFull transparency

Gain control and overview of your inventory management. You're always up-to-date on the real-time stock level and therefore know at any time which products you need to reorder.

Smart warehouseSmart warehouse

Rely on smart inventory management. With the connection to the Procurement module and the POS system, the goods receipt and goods issues are registered automatically.

Correct acceptance of goodsCorrect acceptance of goods

Ensure easier control thanks to checking the delivery note digitally. When new goods are delivered, you can accept them digitally right away. Check the price and weight and record discrepancies.

Digitale Inventur in GastronomieDigital stocktaking

You also benefit from digitalization when it comes to inventory, which allows you to control more properly. You accelerate the entire process, save labor costs and reduce sources of error.


Customers who grow with our ERP system


Real challenges require real solutions

Road Stop


The Road Stop restaurant and motel chain offers its guests a little trip to the USA at its five locations in Germany.


The company was looking for a way to simplify goods-related processes as well as to create transparency.


FoodNotify supports the company in digitally mapping warehouse processes and making inventory easier.



Piccola is a family-run business with six locations in Cologne, Germany that serves its guests classic Italian dishes.


The company lacked an overview of the processes in its inventory management.


With the use of the FoodNotify ERP system, the company has an overview of its stock levels and gains more control.


FoodNotify at your fingertips

With the FoodNotify App, you can conveniently order, take inventory, and check stock levels from anywhere. This way you can keep track of your business no matter where you are.

FoodNotify App

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What makes FoodNotify different from other ERP systems?

Warehouse Management
Inventory Management

Everything you need for a smart inventory management. You can map all cost centers exactly and digitally, divide products into commodity and product groups, and transfer goods to locations.


You can manage all processes in your inventory management with FoodNotify's features: low stock alert, easy reordering through auto-refill, selective inventories and much more.


With the connection to the Procurement module and the POS system, you can see the real-time stock level at any time. When new goods are delivered, they are automatically registered. Also, when products are sold, you will always know what is in stock.

Central warehouse
Central warehouse

Order goods to the central warehouse and transfer them to the desired locations. This way you ensure smart inventory management, even for multiple operations.

Datenanalyse in Warenwirtschaft
Data analysis

FoodNotify provides you with up-to-date KPIs, which simplifies your controlling. This way, you quickly recognize challenging situations and can take timely action.


With the FoodNotify App, you can conveniently order, take inventory, and check stock levels from anywhere. This way, you can keep track of your business no matter where you are.


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Frequently asked questions

How does inventory management look like with FoodNotify?

Smart, clear and efficient: This is what inventory management looks like with FoodNotify because you always maintain an overview and control of all goods-related processes in your company. Map all cost centers exactly and digitally, divide your products into commodity and product groups, reorder products through auto-refill, take a selective inventory at any time and much more.

You can also rely on the same convenience for your goods management with the FoodNotify App. Use it on your smartphone or tablet to take inventory and check stock levels from anywhere.

Can I connect the inventory management system to my POS system?

You can connect any POS system to FoodNotify. The following POS systems are already connected to FoodNotify:

  • Lightspeed POS Germany
  • iKentoo
  • Ready2order!
  • Amadeus
  • Orderbird
  • Tipos
  • HelloTESS!
  • Shiji Infrasys
  • Matrix
  • Amadeus 360
  • APRO

Which modules are recommended for ideal use?

To get the best out of your business with the ERP system, we recommend using the following modules:

  • Procurement
  • Recipes