Frequently Asked Questions

You bring the questions and we bring the answers. Sounds like a fair deal, right?


Our Software

What makes FoodNotify different from other systems?

Years of experience: We are very proud to count ourselves among the pioneers when it comes to digitization in the hospitality industry. Together with our customers, we have developed a system over the years that is made for the special requirements of the hospitality industry.

Unique data quality: The quality of the data makes all the difference. That’s why we get all master and product data directly from suppliers into our system – including prices, nutritional data, packaging sizes, etc. This means that you can rely on high-quality data.

Fully independent: FoodNotify is a completely independent system and we appreciate the freedom we can offer you as a result. No suppliers are preferred, the choice is yours.

User-friendliness: Who said ERP systems all have to be dull, gray and complicated? Our customers love FoodNotify because it’s intuitive, modern and, above all, easy to use.

What do I save with FoodNotify?

This depends on the size of the business, your industry and the number of locations. Our customers save monthly costs by optimizing their orders, avoiding shrinkage, food waste and incorrect orders. In addition, a rapid needs assessment, automated ordering, easy warehouse management and an automated calculation of cost of goods save time and labor costs.

Our experts will be happy to calculate the estimated savings for your business – just get in contact with us here and ask for the “savings report”, without obligation.

Is FoodNotify the right system for my business?

Do you recognize tasks and processes in your business that you would like to automate and digitize? Would you like to have more overview, transparency and control over your orders, recipes or warehouse? In this case FoodNotify is exactly the right partner for your business. Our team is happy to implement entire digitization projects as well as step by step projects together.

Which suppliers are connected to FoodNotify?

With FoodNotify any supplier can be connected, whether regional or wholesalers.

From where and how is the data transferred into the system?

FoodNotify gets all the data directly from your connected suppliers, including accurate information like allergens, nutritional values, prices and more. This way we can provide the highest quality data, without any effort.

Can I connect my regional suppliers to FoodNotify?

Yes. With FoodNotify any supplier can be connected, whether regional or wholesalers.

On which devices can I use FoodNotify?

FoodNotify is a cloud-based system, which means ultimate freedom for you. Simply use FoodNotify in your browser via computer or tablet. Of course, there’s also something for your smartphone: the FoodNotify App including a barcode scanner.

Are all updates included?

We are constantly improving and expanding FoodNotify. Of course, you will continue to benefit from all updates and additional features.



Can I connect FoodNotify to my POS system?

You can connect FoodNotify to any POS system. The following POS systems are already connected to FoodNotify:

  • Lightspeed POS Germany
  • iKentoo
  • Ready2order!
  • Amadeus
  • Orderbird
  • Tipos
  • HelloTESS!
  • Shiji Infrasys
  • Matrix
  • Amadeus 360
  • APRO

Is it possible to connect FoodNotify to other systems?

FoodNotify can be connected to other systems like POS systems, invoice management and BI tools or personnel management software.

Additionally, FoodNotify has an open interface (API) for various types of systems with which you can connect your desired system.

Is FoodNotify also available for educational institutions?

FoodNotify is also available for educational institutions in an EDU version.


Demo & Onboarding

How long does it take to set up FoodNotify?

Depending on your requirements, the time to set up FoodNotify can vary. Our team recommends allowing for lead time to allow sufficient time for testing and implementation. Of course, you can already use Step 1 Ordering Platform, for example, while Step 2 Recipe Management is being implemented.

PS.: Our experience shows that digitization projects can be implemented much faster with a person that has the primary responsibility.

What is included in the onboarding?

Our onboarding includes connecting your suppliers, users and cost centers, data verification, test ordering and focuses on successfully implementing your FoodNotify modules into your business. Our team accompanies you with professional consulting as well as comprehensive support. This way, we guarantee the best possible implementation of your project.

Is it possible to book system trainings for employees?

Absolutely. Onboarding includes one training session for every step. Of course you can also book additional trainings for you and your team individually.


Data & Security

Is my data secure?

Data security is of utmost importance for us. That’s why at FoodNotify we meet the highest standards for data security and privacy. All data is protected by 256 bit encryption, same as for online banking.


Account & Billing

How is the billing done?

Billing is done monthly via SEPA direct debit.

Can I cancel my FoodNotify account?

Yes, you can cancel your FoodNotify account at any time. However, please note the cancellation terms and deadlines as stated in your contract.

If I cancel my FoodNotify account, can I export my data?

As long as you have an active FoodNotify account, you can export your data at any time. Individual data can be exported as an XML file or supplier data as Excel. If you need larger data exports please contact our support team.



How are prices calculated?

We offer location-based pricing for your ideal investment. Our solutions start at 99€ per month and per location.

Book your initial meeting and get your personalized offer.

What support is available to FoodNotify users?

In our Support Center you and your team can search for solutions at any time. If you can’t find an answer to your question, our friendly support team can be reached via chat or our ticket system.