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Food Waste Together!

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Let's fight food waste together in restaurants

1.3 billion tons

of food end up in the trash every year worldwide

That's about one third of all food produced around the world. This amount would be enough to feed two billion people – more than twice the number of undernourished people across the globe.

8–10 %

of all greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste

The journey of food is quite long: from cultivation and harvesting, to transportation, storing and processing. All this uses a lot of resources and energy, which is why wasted food has a major impact on the environment.

25 billion dollars

is the food waste cost of the U.S. restaurant industry

The U.S. restaurant industry generates about 11.4 million tons of food waste annually. Yet restaurants could save 7 dollars for every dollar they invest in reducing food waste.


This is how much food waste costs you every year

Calculate your costs resulting from food waste in your business with our food waste calculator.


Our solutions to prevent food waste

FoodNotify Ordering platform


Preventing food waste starts with better procurement

  • Avoid incorrect orders Avoid incorrect orders
  • Order exactly what you need Order exactly what you need
  • Reduce ordering too much Reduce ordering too much

FoodNotify Recipe management


Produce less waste through more accurate recipes

  • Precisely calculate ingredients Precisely calculate ingredients
  • Specify shelf life & seasonality Specify shelf life & seasonality
  • Track production waste Track production waste
  • Estimate carbon footprint Estimate carbon footprint

FoodNotify ERP


Smart warehouse management enables more precise ordering

  • Less waste through warehouse optimization Less waste through warehouse optimization
  • Order based on real-time stock level Order based on real-time stock level
  • Re-order through auto-refill Re-order through auto-refill
  • Food waste tracking Food waste tracking

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