You, too, can use FoodNotify as your digital recipe for success

As a retailer, supplier or producer, you know your target group: the catering trade. The new, younger generation of restaurateurs, in particular, is becoming increasingly aware of and actively looking for digital solutions that will make their kitchen administration significantly more efficient and successful. Where do restaurants of every size find these digital solutions – and where can you address your target group directly? Right here at FoodNotify!

Offer your products to your customers via the FoodNotify online platform

Digital. Central. Optimal.

You can receive all orders centrally via FoodNotify – this leads to more efficiency and high customer loyalty. Your advantages:

  • A central online ordering system for your customers
  • Orders from customers are forwarded directly to you
  • No manual processing effort
  • No confusing incoming orders from different channels
  • No manual price list maintenance

Your way to direct customer loyalty

FoodNotify supports all common interfaces and formats (PRICAT, BMEcat, XML, etc.)

  1. Get in touch with us.
  2. Send us your article master data, pictures, order and delivery days, minimum order quantities, availabilities.
  3. We will prepare your shop at the FoodNotify marketplace.
  4. Final review and approval by you.
  5. Customers order your products and we are forwarding the orders directly to you or directly into your system.

Are you interested?

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