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FoodNotify Gets a New Logo: The Next Era of Our Carrot

As of April 2022, we are showing off a new logo. Let us share with you what the adaptation means to us and what we want to express with it.

We are excited to introduce FoodNotify's new look. The new logo is part of the evolution of our brand and represents a significant milestone in our journey.

A lot has happened since FoodNotify's beginning in 2014. We have grown and evolved our services and solutions. By adapting our logo, we are demonstrating who we are today and what we want to achieve as we move towards an exciting future.

Reaching our goal step by step 

FoodNotify's journey begins with the idea of developing a tool for food service operators to bring transparency to their menus, allowing them to share it with their guests. What motivated the founders to expand upon this vision was a lack of transparency. They asked themselves: Why is there no food transparency in the restaurant industry, but there is in supermarkets? Because everyone should have the choice whether they want to know more about where the food on their plate comes from.

This lack of transparency in the origin and production method of food is what has always driven the founding team. Since then, we have been drawing attention to the conscious production and use of food and creating transparency in the hospitality industry.

We are all about creating awareness along the entire food supply chain. An awareness that carefully calculated purchasing, thoughtful warehouse management and proper processing result in less food waste. After all, food plays a central role in our society and is also one of the factors that has the greatest impact on the environment. Particularly damaging: Resources are used to produce and process food, which is then not consumed and instead disposed of.

We create awareness by optimizing the food supply chain. Because we have recognized that it is not clear and not continuous. Lack of communication between the parties involved, excessive production of food, errors in logistics or strong price pressure are just some of the challenges that affect the food supply chain.

With our software solution, we are addressing these issues and gradually approaching our goal of improving the entire process through greater transparency. After all, change cannot happen overnight. Only when we have created awareness among all those involved, can we build and develop the food supply chain even more optimally for the future.

Dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking

When we started our idea, we decided to use a carrot in combination with the wordmark FoodNotify to represent our visual brand identity. Over time, however, we have evolved the original idea and implemented new approaches.

For us, there came a point in time when we asked ourselves: How can we visually express our changes as well as the developments that affect the food supply chain in our brand identity? For this reason, we decided to change our logo to adapt to the evolution. It shows who we are today and represents our mission as well as our goals for the future.

Our new logo

As for the design of the new logo, we decided to go for something dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking. The colors green and orange continue to be an essential part of our logo and brand identity. The symbol has two meanings. On the one hand, it represents a bracket used in programming languages. This represents what we do – developing our own service solutions. On the other hand, the symbol has the shape of an arrow, which represents dynamics and movement.

FoodNotify Logo

We have evolved from the original idea and the logo with the carrot just didn't express what we do anymore. The new logo is simple, clear, modern and better expresses our goals.
- Adnan Hanić, UI/UX Designer & Co-Founder of FoodNotify

One symbol, multiple meanings

The logo is not the only thing that has changed. The icons of the individual software solutions have also been updated. The bracket or arrow symbol appears as a recurring element in combination with dots. In terms of color, each module now has its own color, which is used together with the FoodNotify green. They therefore have something in common with our brand logo, but express the different features of the system due to the different color combinations and representations.

Ordering platform

Ordering Platform

The icon for the Ordering Platform shows a shopping cart with two dots as wheels.

Recipe Management

Recipe Management

Here, the icon represents a cookbook that is open and lying on a table with the pages facing down. The recipes in the book are represented by the dot.



It was not so easy to map this module with a specific object. That's why the two dots in combination with the symbol represent the letter W.



This icon shows a cooking pot filled with food – represented by a dot.



The icon has two meanings. It represents the letter A as well as the ups and downs in the hospitality industry. The dot shows the point one would like to reach.



Here, the three dots show that FoodNotify can be connected to several different systems.

The next milestone

Despite our new look, we are still the same company. We support food service operations worldwide in digitally connecting their processes and promoting the conscious and careful handling of food. We achieve this by optimizing the entire food supply chain and creating awareness of this among all those involved in the value chain.

The new logo reflects the dynamic, innovative and forward-looking culture of our company. We want to show customers our passion for our mission when they encounter our brand and work together to achieve our goals for a digital hospitality future with more transparency as well as more sustainability.

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