All functionalities at a glance

Discover all functionalities of FoodNotify, enabling you to maintain an overview and control in the areas of procurement, recipes and inventory management in your business.



Simplify and accelerate your purchasing from your suppliers

  • checkmark Centralized ordering for multiple locations
  • checkmark Easy ordering
  • checkmark Automatic update of product data & prices
  • Checkmark Creation of favorite lists
  • checkmark Order history
  • checkmark Ordering from regional suppliers
  • checkmark Ordering via barcode in the FoodNotify app
  • checkmark Offline ordering via tablet & smartphone
  • checkmark Ordering based on stock levels*


Keep track of your entire ordering process

  • checkmark Overview of connected suppliers
  • checkmark Overview of supplier products
  • checkmark Product filtering
  • checkmark Past orders
  • checkmark Order status of open orders
  • checkmark Internal notes on orders
  • checkmark Overview & comparison of multiple locationso


Standardize your purchasing for multiple locations

  • checkmark Central supplier management
  • checkmark Management of multiple locations
  • checkmark Order restriction by user
  • checkmark Tracking empties & returns*
  • checkmark Incoming goods inspection*
  • checkmark Order reportso

* ERP required
o with Analytics Integrations


Recipe Management

Rely on a centralized, digital system for creating your recipes

  • checkmark Easy recipe creation
  • checkmark Recipe costing with product data & prices from your suppliers
  • checkmark Automatic data update
  • checkmark Management of multiple locations
  • checkmark Creation of cookbooks
  • checkmark Ordering from the recipe
  • checkmark Defining recipe groups
  • checkmark Tracking recipe losses
  • checkmark Extensive recipe database
  • checkmark Importing recipes
  • checkmark Create your own ingredients
  • checkmark Access to German Nutrient Database (BLS)
  • checkmark Easy ingredient swap across multiple recipes
  • checkmark Using recipes as an ingredient
  • checkmark Linked with Procurement, ERP & POS

Labeling & Calculation

Ensure you are always up to date when it comes to labeling and food costing

  • checkmark Automatic recipe costs based on ingredient prices
  • checkmark Cost of goods sold calculator
  • checkmark Cost of goods sold alert
  • checkmark Calculation of quantities
  • checkmark Define take-away prices
  • checkmark Automatic LMIV labeling
  • checkmark CO2 values per ingredient & recipe (via Eaternity integration)
  • checkmark Preparation steps
  • checkmark Marking seasonal availability
  • checkmark Indicating shelf lives
  • checkmark Categorize recipes by types & tags
  • checkmark Cost of goods sold comparison across locations via analytics

Menu Cards

Create visually appealing menus and menu cards from your recipes

  • checkmark Intuitive creation of menus
  • checkmark Weekly menus
  • checkmark Buffet cards
  • checkmark Automatic LMIV labeling
  • checkmark Drag & drop designer
  • checkmark Creating custom templates
  • checkmark Export, share & print


Inventory Management

Keep an eye on your inventory and easily manage all tasks

  • checkmark Central management of multiple locations
  • checkmark Overview of real-time inventory levels
  • checkmark Ordering based on stock levels
  • checkmark Reordering via auto-refill
  • checkmark Create storage locations
  • checkmark Monitor the storage limit values including warning notification
  • checkmark Manual sales
  • checkmark Internal product transfer
  • checkmark Digital acceptance of goods via the FoodNotify app
  • checkmark Connection to Procurement & POS


Speed up the entire stocktaking process and eliminate sources of error

  • checkmark Easy digital stocktaking
  • checkmark Status overview of all stocktakings
  • checkmark Selective inventory
  • checkmark Inventur nach Lagerort & Warengruppe
  • checkmark CSV & PDF export


Rely on standards for back-of-house processes to maintain control easily

  • checkmark Simple controlling of multiple locations
  • checkmark Dashboard for stock levels, purchasing & inventory
  • checkmark Current inventory values (in euros)
  • checkmark Globally manage products
  • checkmark User roles & permissions
  • checkmark Comparison of multiple locations via Analytics

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