Recipe Management

Centralized recipe management with automated FIR labeling. With our system you don’t have to maintain your product data. Choose from our database of more than 950k product to easily create your recipes. Work together with your colleagues and digitalize your processes.

  • Centrally managed recipes in the cloud
  • Ingredient database with more than 650k products
  • Manufacturer and supplier database incl. own brandsNEW
  • Law compliant FIR labelling (allergens, nutritional values and additives)NEW
  • Calculator for portions and quantities
  • Recipe database with more than 1000 standard recipes

Menu Designer

Create professionally looking menu cards in print quality with a few clicks right in your browser. You don’t need IT-knowledge or graphic design experience. Choose from our designs or create your own. Combined with our powerful recipe management you have law compliant labelling with ease.

  • Easily create food and drink menus right in your browser
  • Incl. all FIR-relevant labelling data
  • Adapted to your company specific design (CI)
  • Weekly menu planer for easy menu creation
  • Create buffet cards
  • Translate your menu into more the 100 languages automatically


Use the supplier connection to receive all ingredient prices from your wholesaler – automatically with the creation of your recipes. Stay informed about your current food cost and contribution margin for all your food and beverage items and optimize your revenue.

  • Automatic calculation of the food cost for every dish
  • Calculation of the contribution margin
  • Automatic price exchange through supplier connection
  • Reports of food cost and contribution margin


Order from all your suppliers from one single place. Manage your ordering lists, work together with your co-workers and employees and track your order history. In the market you can order from every available supplier or you can create your own supplier shops.

  • Online Ordering for every supplier and wholesaler
  • Current individual prices and ordering lists
  • Manage your orders from your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Limit the assortment your employees can buy
  • Create and manage own shops for your suppliers
  • Statistics and Reports of your ordered products and shops

ERP System

The easiest ERP-System in Europe offers you the full functionality of a ERP system but withouth the manual product maintenance work. Automate your ordering, order checks, order suggestions and stay informed about your business.

  • Automatic product maintenance
  • Easy supplier management
  • Order directly from your supplier
  • Check your orders during delivery
  • Automatic adaption of your current stock
  • Order suggestions based on your usage
  • Stocktaking made easy
  • Connected to your cash register system
  • Reports and statistics of your inventory, sales and usage


With the FoodNotify App you stay informed about your company and can access product information from on the go. Check and send orders directly from your smartphone. The offline functionality allows you to do everything even if you don’t have internet access.

  • Order from your suppliers directly from your smartphone or tablet
  • “Fast order”-functionality makes it easy to order online
  • Barcode scanner for fast information about products (ingredients, allergens, nutritional values, price, etc.) and ordering
  • Offline functionality: it works even in the storage, cellar or cold storage
  • Automatic synchronization with the FoodNotify web app

The full functionality of FoodNotify

helps you run your business more efficiently

Recipe management

Easy centralized recipe management with law compliant labelling and automatic data maintenance.

Ingredient database

Vast ingredient database with more than 950k products incl. allergens, nutrional values and additives.

FIR labelling

Law compliant labelling of allergens, nutritional values and additves for your recipes and menus.


Centralized Control of all your branches/locations. User and Rights-management for recipes and orders.


Automatic contribution margin and food cost calculation with up-to-date prices of your suppliers.


Connect your suppliers and wholesaler and your ordering lists and prices are being synced.

Private Shops

Create own shops for your suppliers or use them to set up an internal ordering system.


Create extensive reports about ingredients, orders, contribution margin, food cost, etc.

Menu Designer

Create beautiful menus with our menu designer and print or share them with your customers.

Menu planer

Create weekly menu plans from your recipes and print or share them with your customers.


Surprise your guests with automatically translated menus – into more than 100 languages.

Catering cards

Create catering cards from your dishes and drinks – automatically labelled correctly.

ERP System

An easy to use ERP system with inventory management and cost control connected to your ingredients and dishes.


Order directly from your wholesaler and regionals supplier right in the FoodNotify Plattform.

POS connection

Sync your cash register data and your sales data with the POS connection to FoodNotify.

Ordering App

The FoodNotify App allows you to get information and order products from your supplier.


All data is securely encrypted and stored on servers in Germany. This way your data and recipes stay safe.

Education (EDU)

The EDU version for educational establishments allows the creation, management and calculation of recipes.